Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Farmer BOND in a box

Greetings. I have a friend who knows someone in the U.S. (Texas) who has control of these and other bonds: send me an email and I will give you his name and number. He assures me the bonds are not priced in the millions. Even I could afford them :-) Please refer to the photo on the left (which he sent me) for further information. Super Petchilis, Farmer 250,000, Farmer 500,000 box, F20 Sterling, Liberty Escalera, and others - all Passco certified. It has been a while since I last posted anything about bonds here. My email is pronetoviolins at g mail dot com 
Best of luck. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chinese Farmer 500000 bond

A friend of mine is currently sourcing a Farmer 500000 bond for a client. If anyone happens to run across one, please contact him by contacting me at prone to violins at g mail dot com. My understanding is that the bond is currently very hard to find. I would not know if that's true or not. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Black Eagle bond 27500

I have been advised by a close friend that a Black Eagle 27500 Mexican bond is available for 50 million. (Yes, that's correct - 50 million) If you have a capable, honest, unpretentious, mature, responsible, serious, trustworthy, and loyal buyer, perhaps you can make a little money. My friend DOES NOT accept ANY kind of POF documents from anybody. If you have a buyer with financial capacity, he must prove it by showing the seller the money in person. All I can do is put you in touch. Just send me an email - I am very busy with my own things but I WILL eventually respond. No need to rush. Have a good day. 
pronetoviolins at g mail dot com  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Liberty bond 10000 joke

Someone told me a little joke the other day which is a variation of a joke which has been around quite some time. It happened that an elderly businessman philanthropist was enjoying a cup of tea in his top-floor office one fine day when one of his assistants walked in with an old bottle, telling his boss that it had been found in a tin box which had been left and forgotten in one of the many storage rooms in his office building. The maintenance crew was cleaning out old stuff to make room for new stuff and this was something they were going to throw away. The philanthropist took the bottle and blew away some accumulated dust which was probably at least a hundred years old. After the assistant left, the philanthropist stared at the bottle for a while. He finally decided to take the cork off just for the sake of curiosity. Immediately, a Genie popped out and very politely greeted the elderly gentleman. In gratitude for his being given his freedom, he told the philanthropist that he would grant him any wish. The philanthropist immediately and eagerly took out a map of the Middle East and pointed to the region near Lebanon. He asked the Genie if he recognized it. The Genie said he had known that region for more than 40 thousand years. The elderly gentleman then explained that in his old age, he would like to see if this entire region could be made peaceful once and for all. The Genie sadly shook his head and told the man that even the most powerful Genie would probably not be able to grant that wish. Did he have something else that he wished for dearly? The man was quite disappointed but said he did have something else he wished for. He had been trying to find a buyer for an old Liberty bond he owned - could the Genie find him a buyer for his Liberty bond 10000? The Genie looked at the man very seriously for a couple of seconds and just grinned. Then, he asked the elderly gentleman if he would let him take another look at the map of the Middle East - perhaps there was a way after all .... 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Was Painter Vincent van Gogh killed by a bully?

This is not recent news - definitely not a news-breaking story. But it might be new to some of you. A somewhat recent (2011) biography of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh by writers Gregory Smith and Steven Naifeh postulates and theorizes that van Gogh was likely killed (shot) by some teenage bullies. In other words, van Gogh did not commit suicide, as commonly believed. Their book is 953 pages long and is titled "Van Gogh, The Life" You can read a review Here. It will save you the trouble of reading the whole book, unless, of course, you are a big fan of van Gogh or very, very serious about your love of art, whatever that is. By the way, I believe the theory about his having been shot. It makes perfect sense to me. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Liberty bond 10000 buyer

Here we go again. I have been apprised of a buyer who is offering 3 million for a Liberty 10000 bond. The deal is to go attorney to attorney - no other way. I hope she doesn't find it before I get a bite from a real seller. Just email me at pronetoviolins at g mail dot com IF you have it. OR if you know someone who has it. I know the offer is "low" but it's real. It is far better than being offered 100 million when the "buyer" is nonexistent. As the man says, anyone can say it. Who can actually do it? 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Farmer bonds

Strange as it may seem, we have two farmer bonds for sale. If you are familiar with bonds, you know these are cute little bonds but they are worth a lot - not as much as an Eagle 27500 or a Liberty 10000 but good money in any case.  You know where to find me - pronetoviolins at g mail dot com. Please do not ask for photos or KYCs or CISs or passports or Passcos or anything of the kind. If you have a buyer, just have him (or her) call our attorney. We DO NOT accept bitcoin either. 
We were talking to a "buyer" yesterday about a Liberty 10000 which we offered for 5 million. He offered 100 million and that, of course, was a huge RED FLAG. He wanted one of those "packages" which every broker asks for - those brokers who are ten people removed from the real buyers. We said no thanks. We have had a 4 head bond sitting in a vault in Zurich for a year because the buyer never showed up. We flew the bond over there personally and waited 2 weeks. The broker was full of excuses. We returned home empty-handed. The scenery was nice but that was all. Thanks and good luck to you.